Bringing together contemporary music and the great oral traditions of the jazz and the world music, testifying of a globalized culture, supporting recognized or emergent creativity, choosing themes in resonance with social issues, these are the major axes developed by the CIMN (International Centre for Nomadic Music}.

Permanent organization resulting from the alliance of two festivals “Grenoble Jazz” and “les 38e Rugissants”, the CIMN, all through the year, commissions works and artists residencies, calls for projects, production and distribution of live shows and performances, urban events, international exchanges, publications, and more. These projects, in turn, provide as many opportunities to artistic education and cultural activities, as they reach out to new audiences.
Focal point of all these activities, the festival "Les Détours de Babel", takes place every spring throughout Grenoble and the Isere counties, working through a network of partners sites, but also investing public spaces, museums and heritage sites, natural settings, surroundings and residential areas.

Concerts, shows, performances, outdoor events, dancing music, sunday brunches, artists touring in rural areas, workshops and debates diversify the programme and gather professionals, amateurs, the public and the population at large, around this highlight dedicated to up-and-coming musics.